A visualized contig plotting application for analysis of short read alignment of nucleotide sequences
Advances in the next-generation sequencing technology have led to a dramatic decrease in read-generation cost and an increase in read output. Reconstruction of short DNA sequence reads generated by next-generation sequencing requires a read alignment method that pieces together and reconstructs a reference genome. In addition, it is essential to analyze the results of read alignments for a biologically meaningful inference. However, read alignment from vast amounts of genomic data from various organisms is challenging in that it involves repeated automatic and manual analysis steps. We here devised cPlot software for read alignment of nucleotide sequences, with automated read alignment and position analysis, which allows visual assessment of the analysis results by the user. cPlot compares sequence similarity of reads by performing multiple read alignments, with FASTA format files as the input. This application provides a web-based interface for the user for facile implementation, without the need for a dedicated computing environment. cPlot identifies the location and order of the sequencing reads by comparing the sequence to genetically close reference sequence in an effective way to visualize the assembly of short reads generated by NGS and rapid gene map construction.

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